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Most professionals at some point, or quite often, in their careers need to either:

  1. Wine & dine a client
  2. Crack the ice open with their boss
  3. Choose a gift of wine or whiskey for a client, boss, or colleague

Understanding the complexities of Adult Beverages can be achieved in one simple Vino-Versity lecture! It's priceless. It's invaluable. And it may totally affect your career. You can hire The Dean or another fantastic Vino-Versity instructor to teach a "class" of professionals; whether it's for one person, or 100, we can come to your office or venue of your choosing and fully organize the procurement of tasting bottles, glassware, and literature. We can teach the greenest of greenhorns, or the advanced enthusiast who wishes to go up a notch.


Have a birthday coming up? Or a group of friends who are collectively dying to graduate from "house Chardonnay"? Or maybe you're interested in just becoming a dinner party wine guru! You can hire a teacher for any size class; we can travel to your location of choice!